Nigeria has such a rich diversity of people and cultures that it is almost impossible to identify a national dish. Each region has its own favorite dish that depends on customs, traditions, and religion. The different foods available also depend on the season: A large portion of Nigeria lies in the tropics, where many fruits are available. Some of the most common fruits include limes, oranges, melons, mangoes, bananas, grapefruits and pineapples.

People of the northern region who mostly are Muslims and do not eat pork have foods such as beans, sorghum (a type of grain), and brown rice. The Hausa people of this region are likely to eat meat cooked as tsere or suya (kebabs). They also love to drink tea.

Those from the eastern part of Nigeria, mostly Igbo/Ibo, eat gari (cassava powder) dumplings, yams and pumpkins. Yams are often eaten in place of potatoes and are an regular part of the Nigerian diet. Please note that African yams are different from the Western yams. They are pale, barely sweet, and rarely found in Western Countries’ supermarkets.